Key Pillars

An essential mix of applied research and demonstration, learning and teaching, industrial collaboration and investment, and awareness raising and outreach

R&D on comprehensive food and vaccine cold-chain solutions

-Future-proof, localised solutions for food loss and supply chain resilience.

-Specifications and best practices for refrigeration, pack houses, logistics, etc.

-Integration of renewable energy, e-logistics and other advanced solutions.

-Assess market gaps, leverage data acquisition and modelling capabilities.

Demonstrate best available technologies

-Technologies developed at proven at ACES HQ get demonstrated and field tested at SPOKEs with feedback shared on the results

Deploy solutions and increase market connectivity and uptake

-Design and implement sustainable and equitable business models.

-Foster linkages between entrepreneurs, investors, agri-businesses.

-Encourage use of standards, certifications and enabling policies.

Enhance capacity and raise awareness of rural communities

-Capacity building in the field for farmers and technicians.

-Skills development and innovation support for students and start-ups.

-Disseminate key findings and orchestrate communications campaigns.

Key areas of research and training:

Post-harvest Handling, Storage, Quality, Process and Packing Zone

Off-grid mobile pre-cooling; Controlled Atmosphere systems; Refrigerated storage; Precision Cooling for soft fruit and perishable crops (blast chilling/vacuum coolers); Hydrocooling; Ripening Rooms; Sustainable packaging; modified atmosphere packaging.

Distribution, Cold-Chain and Logistics Zone

Ice-production; Zero-emission transport refrigeration; Thermal storage Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and small-scale rechargeable cooling boxes; Zero-emission refrigerated transport.

Energy and Energy Storage Centre

Integrated thermal systems; waste heat to cold (sorption cooling); Thermal storage (PCMs).

Data and Digital Transformation

Needs assessment tools, data capture and use monitoring, virtual models, electronic trading and fulfilment platforms.

Business Start-Ups and Incubation Suite

Design service, business models market engagement and finance, export distribution network, meeting and conference facilities, co-location space for business and industry partners.

Quality control and Certifications Lab

Codes and standards; farm-to-fork QA, setting quality thresholds for retail sector and export markets; food safety.

Other areas – vaccine and health, retail, domestic.