Vaccine Symposium 9th-13th October

Joint ACES/ RBC Vaccine Cold-Chain Symposium

Kigali, Rwanda

9th October- 13th October 2023

ACES in collaboration with the Rwanda Biomedical Center would like to invite you to the Vaccine Cold-chain and Technology symposium. The week’s activities will include:

  • Scientific discussions surrounding vaccine cold-chain security, clinical trials, technology, knowledge exchange and bioinformatics.
  • Workshops with industry, academia, medical professionals and health implementation agencies, providing opportunities for training, developing ideas and solutions.
  • Tours of key medical and cold-storage sites as well as networking opportunities.
Mon 9th OctTue 10th OctWed 11th OctThu 12th Oct
ThemeVaccine cold-chain and innovative technologiesIntegrating biomedical and bioinformatics dataClinical trials and educationReal-world research for real-world impact

Scientific talks to include:
·       Modelling Rwanda’s vaccine cold chain and developing future resilience
·       Innovative vaccine cold chain technologies
·      VaccMap: using digital blockchain technology to increase vaccine accountability
Scientific talks to include:
·       Genomic surveillance and bioinformatics technology
·       Developing novel immunoassays for sero-surveillance
·       Recent developments in TB research
Scientific talks to include:
·       Clinical trials capacity strengthening in Rwanda
·       East African Community (EAC) Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunization & Health Supply Chain Management (RCE-VIHSCM)
Note: the day will be starting at 0600
Field trip to Rwamagana District Hospital and 1-2 linked Health Centres
·       For current, potential and interested research partners participating on programme of real-world research projects
·       Please note early departure time (0600) from Kigali
1400-1700Field trip to Zipline drone facility, Muhanga
·       For current, potential and interested research partners participating on UAV innovation research projects
Field trip to the National Reference Laboratory, Kigali
·       For current, potential and interested research partners participating on biomedical and bioinformatics research projects
Field trip to Center for Family Health Research, Kigali
·       For current,  potential and interested research partners participating on clinical trials research studies
Tour of the ACES Rubirizi campus
Breakout sessions to discuss projects, network and collaborate for:
·       VaccMap (vaccine tracking using digital block chain technology)
·       VaccAir (UAV technologies in building vaccine cold chain resilience)
·       Building vaccine clinical trial capacities

We would like to encourage and facilitate a wide range of opportunities for collaboration: if there is a breakout session you are interested in adding to the agenda please contact the event organisers

Please note: a more detailed agenda is to follow and all transportation is provided for field trips.

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