Providing access to cold-chains in an efficient, affordable, equitable and sustainable manner that builds resilience and achieves the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

‘Food saved is as important as food produced’.

ACES is a first-of-its-kind Centre dedicated to sustainable, smart cold-chain, cooling and post-harvest management (PHM). The 4.8 hectare main campus in Kigali, is hosted by the University of Rwanda in Kigali in collaboration with Rwanda Polytechnic (IPRC). SPOKEs are being rolled out throughout Africa to deploy ACES solutions in real-world settings; the first of these is in Kenya.

The programme is developed by the Governments of Rwanda and the United Kingdom (UK), the United Nations Environment Programme and the UK’s Centre for Sustainable Cooling leading a consortium of leading UK universities, and University of Rwanda with more than $20M of seed investment committed by the UK and Rwanda Governments and industry, alongside the campus and physical infrastructure.

Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-chain (ACES) – Building the capacity in-market for sustainable cold-chains

Africa’s Cold Rush and the Promise of Refrigeration

“For the developing world, refrigeration is growth. In Rwanda, it could spark an economic transformation.”

Nicola Twilley | The New Yorker

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UK Government commits to address the urgent lack of cold-chain in Africa

Developing countries will receive £4 million to reduce harmful emissions from outdated air conditioning units, cooling refrigeration and cold supply chains.

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